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 I need some tips

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PostSubject: I need some tips   Thu 26 Jun 2008 - 12:49

I'm getting better but I still have yet to prove myself in CP 10.
All of you fight me so I was wondering if anyone had any tips.Thx.
Also if anyone has any good Olimar tips that I could use please post lol! I could also use a few Bowser ones too. And also since there are so many Falco experts here if anyone has tips on how I could use him better please post. Using the chain grab is one problem I'm having with him.
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PostSubject: Re: I need some tips   Thu 26 Jun 2008 - 14:37

For me, using Pikmin Throw and changing the order with his whistle is by far the best way to utilize Olimar. My advice is to not throw Purple Pikmin, but rather use them for throws and Smash Attacks. White, Red, and Blue are best for the Pikmin Throw, and Yellow is really good for standard attacks and Aerials.

But that's just me XD Not many tips for Bowser, I'm afraid. Try using his infinite Claw Jump [It's in the AT Thread], and comboing with it.

As for Falco. Doing a dash grab works wonders for his chain throw. Use the down throw, though. So, Down throw, chain grab, repeat. Once you're done, and if your opponent doesn't fly far enough, use his reflector, because it usually always hits.
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PostSubject: Re: I need some tips   Thu 26 Jun 2008 - 15:23

With olimar using your pikmin to thow is a great strategy. It racks up fast damage and could distract your opponent.
Also Your up-smash is your best smash by far you best killing move. It has great range and at low % you can combo into another one.
Your aerial fair, and uair are good attacks also. Plus Olimar has amazing grab range. Saying that shield grabbing would help alot! (shield grabbing is grabbing afer you block on attack, simply shield and when they hit you just press A and you'll preform a grab)
Also be careful about recovering it could be easily gimped.

Bowser is not the best character duh. But things to keep you winning. use his fast attacks.
His forward-tilt has great range and decent knockback. up-tilt has a hitbow that not only covers above you but behind you also, so if someone is behind you up-tilt and you can knock them into the air.
Also his fortress helps when you have to get away (Fortress=Up B) Say you block an attack after shielding and need some breathing room just let go of your shield and up-B right away to go straight into the fortress. While doing his fortress you are alot more mobile. The beginning of it has good knockback so fortress then put space between you to not get punished.
And the infinite jump doesn't have much going for it other than mindgames.
Bair and uair are good killing moves in the air and its gunna take some trickery to hit with your smashes.

Falco you have an amazing projectile use it! its best to spam in the air doing SHDL's (Short Hop Double Laser) Which means do a short hop and before you hit the apex of your jump then fire 2 lasers. The first should hit bigger characters and the second will hit any character since it travels closer to the floor. Plus while you land while doing the end of a shot animation it eliminates all lag.
Also his shine (down-b) is great. its awesome for spacing and keeping oppponents away so don't be afraid to use it.
The chaingrab is pretty simple. Down-throw>follow>grab>repeat.
Once you get that down try to use his new pilliar technique
Down-throw>follow slighty>short-hop>Dair>fastfall>grab>repeat
its good for racking up damage fast
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PostSubject: Re: I need some tips   Thu 26 Jun 2008 - 17:15

Thanks for the detalied tips!
Everyone else keep em' coming!
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PostSubject: Re: I need some tips   Tue 1 Jul 2008 - 17:39

Citrus, u use falco? I didnt know. For olimar heres a good vid.
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PostSubject: Re: I need some tips   

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I need some tips
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